If it’s one thing for sure, Casaba knows style when we see it. That’s why we sell glassware from Shop Erazor Bits, not only for its quality but the intricate designs as well.

All our patriotic glasses are something to get excited about. So sip out of our pint glasses, Marine Corps shooter shot glasses, EMS pilsners, and Air Force tankards, and get ready to feel the spirit of America coursing through your veins!

A Tribute to the Red, White, and Blue


The spirit of the American dream lives in all our blood. That is why is partnered with Erazor Bits to bring you some of the most eye-catching patriotic prints and designs that will surely boost patriotism in your heart.


We have merchandise that mourns the heart-wrenching day of 9/11 as well as pays tribute to our outstanding Soldiers, Paramedics, Law enforcement, Firefighters, and countless other government and non-profit workers. We make sure that you became prouder and prouder of Mother America and her brave sons and daughters whenever you take a look at your glass.


Drink in the Name of America


Erazor Bits glassware is made in USA with heavy-weighted glass and is super durable and high-quality. In addition, they come in sets of 2, so the party never has to end!


There are many purposes for our drinkware, including everyday use but also for game day events, parties, poker games, along with restaurants, pubs, bars, and clubs.


Also, these glasses make the perfect gift for any Veteran, Law Enforcement worker, First Responder, Firefighter, EMS, Soldier, Military member, Serviceman, or woman.


Contact us to purchase bulk wholesale lots of glassware.


Brilliant Best Sellers:


1. Make the holidays a little extra special for the man in your life with a 4 Piece Glass Set Veterans USMC Once and Always a Marine Corps gift! This set includes one 16oz Pint glass, a 23oz Pilsner glass, a 25oz Tankard Glass, and one of our 2oz shooter shot glasses. Everyone around you will realize you mean business when you sip out of a glass with a tough bulldog on the front with a sharp dagger.


2. If you want some finery in your life, the pilsner glass is where it’s at! Our You Will Never Be Forgotten Fallen Soldier Set of 2 Large Pilsners is a memorable cup that honors the fallen brothers and sisters who valiantly fought for our country.


3. Volunteer firefighters are dedicated to saving lives in the most dangerous circumstances without getting anything in return. Let us celebrate their bravery with a Volunteer Firefighter Set of 2 Large Tankards! The bright red graphic has the U.S. Fire Department symbol with the words “Tradition, Dedication, Sacrifice” on the bottom.


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