Best Selling Apparel for New Year

2022 Clothing Resolutions

Another year has arrived, and there are many of you who are determined to complete your New Years’ resolutions, even if it means cutting back on chocolate and fast food. One thing we should all have on our list this year is to be better dressed for 2022. Buying a new wardrobe from Casaba Shop seems like the logical solution to improve your sense of style and feel like a brand new person!

Read on for our recommendations for bold, beautiful, and best-selling fashion pieces that will give Men, Women, Teens, Kids, Boys, and Girls alike a sense of a fashion rebirth.

The Top Best-Sellers for January:

  1. If your New Year’s fashion resolution is to wear more bold colors, you’re in luck. If you agree that summer colors should be winter-appropriate, then kickstart 2022 with a bright Blue, Red, Peach, or Sage-colored Casaba Stylish Long Slouchy Beanie Skull Cap Toboggan Hat. Let’s face it; black winter gear is boring. Wear an attention-grabbing color as opposed to winter neutrals, and make your outfit less somber!

Casaba Stylish Long Slouch Beanies for Men Women 12 inch Skull Cap Toboggan Hat

  1. Bring the 90s back with a Washed Cotton Sun Bucket Boonie Fitted Beach Hat Cap that gives a laidback look and is anything but vintage. From rappers like Pharrel Williams and Diddy to singer Rihanna and actor Leonardo DiCaprio, have all been spotted recreating the era’s greatest hit; the bucket hat. Stick with the trends this year and feel your inner 90s child! Plaid flannel shirts and scrunchies are optional.

Washed Cotton Sun Bucket Boonie Hats Caps Fitted Sizes Solid /Camo Fishermans Beach

  1. Mix different styles and patterns with our newest Animal theme collection will bring the fun back to the dreary January weather. This Decky Ziger Zebra Animal Print Flat Bill Baseball Snapback Hat Cap with these cute 3 Pack Animal Leopard Print Fashion Cotton Adjustable Washable Reusable Double Layer Face Masks.

Decky Ziger Animal Print Flat Bill Hats Caps Baseball Zebra Snapback

  1. Be couture yet comfy with a slouchy oversized tee or hoodie paired with a warm scarf. There’s no such thing as an overstatement. So embrace the patriotism chic look (if that’s not a thing then we just made it up) with a large U.S. Patriotic Military Army Air Force Marines Navy Law Enforcement T-Shirt with a Patriotic USA American Flag Red White Scarf Shawl Wrap. Better yet, try the scarf with a NASA Official Logo Hoodie Sweatshirt for an even comfier feel.

Patriotic USA American Flag Red White Scarf Scarves Shawl Wrap Textured

  1. Don’t be afraid to mix things up this year! Incorporate your outfit with a hilarious Dog Print Empire Cove Designer Printed Cotton Canvas Reusable Shopping Tote Bag that will have your Instagram #OOTD winning all the social media trends this year. Whatever aesthetic you’re going for, go beyond your comfort zone and celebrate 2022 with something fun and bright!

Empire Cove Designer Printed Cotton Canvas Tote Bags Reusable Beach Shopping

New Best-Selling Gifts for the New Year

Start the year off with a bang with any of Casaba Shop’s top-selling items for this month! Try our best-sellers in February as well for a ton of goodies that show your love.

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