Hand Sanitizer

We now carry hand sanitizers individually and in packs from Clease & PH5B brands. 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer in various case packs and single units now in stock. A limited quantity is available. Come shop fast before they sell out.


We offer different sanitizers such as hand sanitizer gel (75% alcohol) with aloe vera large bottle, clease hand sanitizer 75% alcohol gel, hand sanitizer gel 75% alcohol aloe vera vitamin-E, large hand sanitizer gel 75% alcohol instant clean, and much more. Our sanitizer with 75% alcohol making it perfect for killing 99.9% of all germs. Made in the USA products with free shipping service! Shop NOW!

We have supported our frontline, key-workers, and natives with hand sanitizer supply during the lockdown. Also, we feel proud of ourselves as we served our beloved country, United States. We are pleased to offer different pack hand sanitizer gel 75% alcohol with aloe vera large bottle for your home. Your first pack of our specially-formulated alcohol hand sanitizer comes up with a durable, beautiful, premium bottle that belongs in the heart of any home in the US.  

Our dedication to pursuing perfection reinforces experience in healthcare simulation and virus control. We are among the pioneers and endeavor to assist our customers in their specifications with the USA's best solutions. Hand sanitizer can help kill germs and reduce viruses and bacteria spread when you can’t wash your hands with soap and water. Take a look at casabashop.com that stock up on plenty of cleaning products with a free shipping service if you’re in a pinch or can’t get to the store.

According to the CDC, hand sanitizers need to contain at least 60% alcohol to effectively against viruses and bacteria. This is the biggest reason; we don’t use alcohol-free products to kill bacteria and viruses. The CDC also says that washing your hands with water and soap is the most pleasing way to kill germs, but hand sanitizer is an excellent second choice in a pinch.