Amlife Health provides PPE for the safety of consumers and businesses with high-quality products. Buy made in USA disposable face masks for adults and children, and we will deliver them right to your doorstep!
We also offer a wholesale bulk lot and group deals. Contact us for more details!


Make the Smart Decision


We at aspire to create awareness among the masses and encourage wearing face masks as a part of a daily routine. That is the only way we can save lives and get rid of this pandemic.


In addition, our disposable face masks are for single use only, making them must-have essentials as many businesses and airlines now require them in place of cloth masks.

High End, Premium Face Masks


Here at Casaba, we make sure that we only have the most protective face masks for our valued consumers. We understand that in times of a pandemic, all you’re thinking about is the health of your loved ones. So let us ease your worries with the best quality Amlife face masks.


There is no need to go outside and expose yourself to viruses when you can have online access to the most extraordinary disposable face masks. Amlife Health offers a variety of multi-pack face masks at your fingertips.


With soft, elastic ear loops and a comfortable nose bridge strip, you will not have any impressions on your face, and the skin-friendly material can be safely worn for hours at a time. Our face mask packs are composed of three-ply layers, which the World Health Organization and CDC recommend.


Colorful Choices


We aim to encourage more people to wear masks by giving them free choice of colors they want to choose. We have colorful face masks available for men, women, and kids.


With the monotonous routine and catastrophe that this pandemic has caused, children are having difficulty adapting to the new normal. Not anymore! With our vast range of colors, your kids will feel attracted to the masks and will want to buy different colors so that they can flaunt them with their friends.


Wholesale Options


Quality is our guarantee, and quantity is your choice. Sold in packs of 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, and 10,000, there are many bulk options!  A great money saver for the entire family, employees, and students!


Unlike other cheap masks that come in cardboard boxes, our face coverings come in zipper bags, which means you can quickly store them once you take one out. Additionally, the zipper bags ensure proper sealing and prevent them from contamination.


Also, everything is shipped to your door first priority, so you can get your PPE as soon as you need them!

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