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Keepin’ It Brief

Everyone knows that plain, basic boxers just don’t cut it anymore. Your underwear should reflect your silly personality and what better way than Casaba’s wide range of boxer shorts!

At, we only want the best for your underpants! That’s why we’ve partnered with American Mills and their boxer line called Brief Insanity. They are made with a comfortable silky material and will make you feel confident and quirky—what more could you want?

These unisex boxers come in sizes Small, Medium, Large, XL, and XXL. Check out the size guide for Men's and Women's waist sizes!

Sharks, bears, deer, fish, oh my! We have so many prints for your new pair of boxers. Also, the high-quality elastic band makes sure your boxers don’t fit loose while also keeping in mind the breathability and comfort fit.

Casaba’s Top Hits:

  1. Cover up those bare cheeks with Bear Cheeks Silky Boxer Shorts! If you’re a wild one, then you need underpants with the essence of nature all over them—a brown grizzly bear! Hunters and animal lovers will finally get along when they see the ferocious creature staring back at them on a pair of silky smooth boxers.
  1. Let's just say this Bourbons of Kentucky Boxer Shorts will put some hair on your chest! Okay, not really. But when you wear these boxers, you’re sure to have a long and crazy night. Bourbon is the liquid gold of America! Liquor enthusiasts will agree that the colorful bottles highlighted on this pair of underwear will make you want to party hard.
  1. Cat lovers unite! You’ll find it hard not to laugh when you see a bunch of kitties all over these Cat Funny Boxer Shorts. On the corner, it says, “You had me at meow,” to add to the humor. Buy these for a cat mom or dad and see them break out in a fit of giggles.

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