Coffee Mugs

If you love the land you were born on, then these stamped ceramic mugs are perfect for you. U.S. police officers, firefighters, first responders, and soldiers will love these inspirational prints.
Grab on to your favorite mug before they run out of stock!

Patriotism in a Cup


Patriotic merchandise keeps you going, even on bad days. It keeps your spirits and morale high so you can love your country to the fullest. Our ceramic USA coffee mugs do just that! Let us remind you what makes America great.

Our stoneware is unique in its build, color, and design. With the extraordinary hues of blues, whites, and fiery reds, Casaba Shop has almost every shade. We make sure the colors never die out with fire-based stamping techniques, just like your American spirit!

Casaba sells 20oz mugs in a set of 2 and is shipped in a box, perfect for gift-giving! Also, every white ceramic cup has a c-handle for easy grip. Sounds too good to be true? See for yourself!


American customer favorites:

1. This Memorial Day, celebrate your lost brother and sister the best way, with a symbolic gift. Our You Will Never Be Forgotten Fallen Soldier Large Coffee Mugs Set is perfect to raise a glass for the honorable sacrifice your loved one made for this country. The bright white background contrasts with the blue image of a soldier kneeling for his fallen brother. You won’t regret purchasing this memorable stoneware item.


2. Every September, we remember the tragic day when Americans were taken from us in the worst circumstance. This Tribute High Honor Red Firefighter Set of 2 Large Coffee Mugs has the words, “We Will Never Forget 9-11-01” and the motto, “Bravery, Honor, Sacrifice.” To the firefighters that survived and those who didn’t, a gift will always commend them for their admirable contribution.

3. “This nation will remain land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” If you agree with this Elmer Davis quote, then you need this Home of the Free Because of the Brave Mug Set from Casaba. Patriotism doesn’t just live in your heart, but in your home as well! And who doesn’t enjoy drinking out of a cup with a badass eagle on it?

Pay tribute to the good-doers in this country, your loved ones that are public servants to the greatest nation there is. Casaba Shop honors your heroic family and friends with our amazing collection of mugs!

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