Face Masks

CasabaShop.com offers daily wear Made in the USA face masks by AMLIFE Health.
We have many cotton cloth face masks, face coverings, face shields ranging from everyday use, tactical, winter, and helmet.
Buy in Bulk Wholesale Lots for businesses and professionals who need to face coverings, face masks, and shields for their employees, visitors, and guests. Where to buy Made in USA 3 PLY Disposable Face Masks - CasabaShop.com.  

Safety First


The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered unprecedented trends. The increased use of face masks in daily life is one of the notable changes the world has witnessed since the appearance of the virus.


CasabaShop.com offers daily wear Made in the USA face masks by AMLIFE Health. If you search for the perfect blend of safety, comfort, and resistance, Amlife’s versatile masks are all you need!


Above all else, we want you to be safe in every way possible. Especially these days! We carry a selection of both adult face masks and kids’ face masks. All in all, Casaba Shop has a wide variety of top-notch face masks for every type of user!


Choose Quality


Casaba’s face coverings are made with 2-3 ply layering, adhere to CDC guidelines, and can be worn daily. They are tightly fitted yet never pinch your ears and are always easy to breathe out of!


Our masks are made with premium cotton or polyester. Each reusable mask is machine washable. Disposable masks can be worn for multiple hours (but ultimately should be replaced every day).

Be fiscally responsible and buy in bulk! We have lots of wholesale options. For example, our cotton and cloth face masks can be purchased in packs of 3, 6, 12, and 24. Excellent for the entire family! Also, when you shop our selection of PPE, everything is shipped to your door first priority.

Plus, our AmLife disposable masks are available in bulk packs of 10, 50, 100, 500, 1,000, 5,000, and 10,000. It is perfect for businesses and professionals who need face coverings, face masks, and shields for their employees, visitors, and guests.

Don’t let quarantine stop you from dressing up and looking good. Stick with your fashion sense and choose a mask that is vibrant and colorful! Casaba Shop has everything from holiday-themed graphics to plain bold colors to a variety of fun patterns.

Our face masks make for a great and safe accessory as well as a practical gift!

A Few of the Best Face Masks We Have to Offer:


1. Adults can wear fun colors just as much as the next person. Amlife’s Disposable Colorful Adult Face Masks are made in the USA with imported fabrics.


There are 7 colors to choose from! Select from cute Light Pink, fashionable Magenta, fancy Purple, pastel Green, bright Orange, medical Blue, and versatile Black.


2. Suitable to wear at school, college, work, and other public gatherings, these Made in USA Face Mask Adjustable Washable Reusable Double Layer Masks Cotton Cloth Blend are reliable and high-quality.


Available in the colors: Black, White, Grey, Heather Dark Grey/Black, Dark Blue, Aqua, Navy, Royal Blue, Heather Blue/Black, Heather Blue/White, Heather Purple/Black, Purple, Red, Maroon, Yellow, and Green. It also has a Leopard print and Camo!


3. Don’t worry, parents! We have your kids (ages 3-9) covered as well. Try the cutest mask around—Adjustable Cotton Poly Washable Reusable 2 Layer Masks for Boys and Girls. Your child will definitely be the trendiest one at their socially distanced playdate or classroom!


Casaba offers 10 patterns to choose from: Birthday print, Cat, Fox, Tiger, “Genius,” a choice of 2 Dinosaur prints, USA Flag, Space, and Tie Dye.


Practical and Unique Gifts


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