Fanny Packs

We have just the thing for your travel plans. Our fashionable fanny packs are the perfect accessory for hiking, shopping trips, beach days, airports, work commutes, vacations—you get the idea!
There are lots of options so start shopping and pick out your faves!


A Versatile Accessory


What is one thing you despise the most about carrying a backpack, purse, or tote? The heavy load, of course! For those short trips, leave your large bags at home. has a more practical option—fanny packs.


The fanny pack has become an iconic accessory for any fashion look. Not only can you be hands-free, but it’s a light and useful way to travel without looking lame or boring. Fashionistas all over want to get their hands on these!


Whether you are a hardcore hiking enthusiast or tend to travel a lot, a fanny pack is a must-have item when you are on the go. Even while running routine errands, a fanny pack always comes in clutch. Keep your passport and plane ticket in the front pocket, or stay hydrated with our special waist belt bag that has a bottle holder!


No matter what, Casaba has got you covered with everything you could possibly need.


Contact us to buy fanny packs in wholesale bulk lots for your group, organization, company, school or event.


Try Our Many Styles


Casaba fanny packs are made with either cotton, polyester, or nylon blend. If you are looking for a more sophisticated look, our collection of leather fanny packs is crafted with precision and is the accessory of your dreams.


Men love our selection because it keeps them staying stylish while also removing the need for a clunky backpack or briefcase. Women are equally impressed with the convenient compact pouch that holds everything from their cellphone to their lip gloss and keys. 


They can carry a lot of your everyday items, so don’t worry about leaving anything behind! There are up to seven pockets of various sizes to keep your things secure. We also have a variety in width and sizes available. Choose whatever best suits your needs!


Velcro pockets are a thing of the past. Each Casaba fanny pack comes with zippered pockets, so you will always have a sense of safekeeping when carrying your valuables.


Plus, all the waistbands have adjustable claps to fit people of all ages and waist sizes. Each fanny pack will fit you perfectly and look amazing as well!


Buy Our Top 3 Best Sellers:


1. At such an affordable price, you don’t want to skip on this Fanny Pack Travel Pouch. With 4 zippered pockets, a 48inch waist belt, this polyester bag comes in Royal Blue, Black, Navy, and Red. While it adds a great splash of color, it is also the perfect size for an active day at the gym or in the mountains!


2. This 3 Pocket Fanny Pack is a hard one to beat with a hidden pocket in the back, perfect for traveling with your important papers, passport, and credit card. A great match to any outfit, this pouch comes in Black, Red, Royal Blue, Navy, and even Camo for the military! So wherever you’re going, trust that your belongings are safe around your waist.


3. If you’re a stylish businessman, you need our Black Leather Fanny Pack with 6 pockets and a maximum waist size of 52 inches. There is even a cell phone compartment for your convenience. Men everywhere will be asking you where you got it!


Wholesale Options

If you’re planning a family vacation, a big school trip, an employee’s retreat, or any other big group event, buying in bulk is the only reasonable option. Our wholesale option comes with a dozen fanny packs all in one place! You won’t regret checking it out.


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