Learn about the Casaba Shop Affiliate Program

Be a Successful Online Influencer & Affiliate

If your audience is a fan of women’s and men’s fashion, then you’ll want to learn about Casaba! We are an online retailer of hundreds of apparel, accessories, home-office items, and tons more from brands ranging from high fashionwear and other diverse and trendy clothing.

Casaba Shop allows you to monetize your audience and earn up to 10% commission from each new successful referral. Our Affiliate Program is so easy to join, and it’s completely free! So whether you’re a large network, entrepreneur, content site, social media influencer, content creator, or blogger, you can advertise Casaba products to your established audience and make more money!

We help you monetize your website with all our helpful tools! For example, Casaba has a simple-to-use portal with an Affiliate Toolbar that allows you to add links and gives you insight into your earnings. It also gives you easy navigation to any of our product details pages, and you can even build short links from the site toolbar.

Also, you will get detailed reports on your daily commissions and get an insider’s look into what product your customers like and what motivates them to buy it. Lastly, build customized text and image links or add product reviews, descriptions, and promotional banners that we can serve directly to your site.

Affiliate Program Commissions Schedule

Now we’ll get down to brass tacks. The Affiliate Program Advertising Fee Schedule is part of the Operating Agreement. This schedule outlines the advertising fee rates and the limitations that apply to certain products.

For instance, each month, you earn ad fees for “Qualifying Purchases” that are calculated as a percentage of “Qualifying Revenues.” Ad fees may also be offered in the form of bounties or special offers. However, sometimes we change the ad fee rates so we will keep you updated on product exclusions, rate changes, special offers, or promotions through emails, blog posts, and the website. So always stay on track with what you want to highlight that month!

If you have any questions about the terms, please contact us—we are always willing to help.

Don’t forget to share on Facebook and Twitter (Follow us @CasabaBrand) with a link to the product page you want to recommend! The more traffic you drive to our brand, the more cash you make. Why not give it a try today?