Cotton Face Masks the Best Alternative To Surgical Masks

Pause that DIY video about how to make a homemade mask with a T-shirt... Most T-shirts are made with fabric that can be harmful to your face. It is also not thick enough to protect you from the virus. According to a 2013 Cambridge Study, experts discovered that cloth masks that were made from shirts, pillowcases, towels, or other household materials should only be used as a last resort. These materials only filter out a third of potentially dangerous particles that are blocked by a surgical mask.

Cotton masks are the perfect alternative to medical masks. They protect you just as well and can be used more than once. There are many brands that struggle to make masks with the right fit, comfort, and cost. Casaba provides face masks that are not only affordable but are made with adjustable nose strips and creatively designed elastic ear loops.

There are studies in the Journal of Education and Health Promotion that recommend mask-wearers to be strict when it comes to washing their reusable masks. You should always use a good detergent and air dry them in the sunlight for essential enhancement in the efficacy of the face mask.

Are Cotton Masks Just As Safe As Surgical Masks?

Yes! According to the CDC, upwards of 80% of blockage has been achieved. Fortunately, cloth masks have been performed on par with surgical masks as “barriers for source control.” It is critical that we know the efficacy of cloth masks as a substitute for surgical masks. Trust the experts!

It is also important that we take note of our health workers who are in constant need of surgical masks, N95’s, and KN95’s. The most effective masks are made with a tight-knit material and contain a filter pocket. The most protective mask is the N95 because they block 95% of aerosols that may contain viruses. These masks, however, are becoming harder to find each day. Healthcare workers should always have first dibs! (CNet). The best alternative is cotton masks, and they have been proven to be protective. Please consider using them. 

Things You Should Always Consider When Wearing A Mask (According to CDC):

  1. You must continue to social distance! Masks should continue to be worn while also staying at least 6 ft apart, especially indoors or around strangers.
  2. Wear your mask any time that you travel on a plane, bus, train, or other forms of public transportation.
  3. Anyone ages 2+ should wear face masks in public areas.
  4. Masks should always shield the nose and mouth; no gaps against the sides of the face.

CDC also recommends wearing masks that are non-valved and have multiple layers. All of Casaba’s cloth masks have 2 ply layering, providing maximum protection. Face masks reduce the emission of virus-laden droplets. Always remember that people who are asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic make up 50% of COVID-19 cases. Another reason to wear your mask!

Multi-layer cloth masks block the release of exhaled respiratory particles and effectively block most large droplets and fine aerosols (aka particles). Multiple layers of cloth with higher thread counts have proved to perform extremely well other than single layers with lower thread counts.  

Casaba cotton face masks adhere to CDC guidelines and should be worn daily. They are tightly fitted, comfortable for both adults and children. Our masks never pinch your ears, and they are always easy to breathe out of.

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