Wholesale Masks For Businesses, Schools, Organizations, and More

A year into the pandemic, it is impossible to estimate when we will restore our “normal” society. Everyone needs masks to not only stay in line with CDC guidelines but also because it is the responsible thing to do. Once the majority of the population receives the coronavirus vaccination, there will still be a new outlook on even simple influenza like the flu. Hopefully, when someone is sick, they will continue to wear masks in public for years to come.

U.S. schools, companies, and religious, political, and social organizations are desperately in need of masks every single day. As an increasing number of organizations across the world stock up on face masks, there will be a huge increase in demand from distributors.

In 2020, the number of U.S. small businesses reached 31.7 million, making up 99.9% of the total businesses in the nation. Since then, small businesses have hired 60.6 million people (Office of Advocacy). It’s hard to imagine how difficult operating a business can be. It’s even harder to fathom having to worry about stocking up on face masks for hundreds of employees. So many employees are relying on their companies to keep them safe. It is important for the entire population to take the appropriate safety measures as well.

Buying in bulk can also be intimidating. When buying with Casaba, stick to your budget and achieve all of your mask-buying needs.

What Is Buying in Bulk?

This means buying large quantities of one product in one day. For example, you can purchase 50 boxes of face masks for a fraction of their individual sale price. Experts suspect that bulk-buying could save you either 20% or 83% on items, depending on the product that you purchase (The Balance).

Wholesale purchase is an investment, with a return equal to the savings you would receive when spending a higher unit price for smaller purchases. If you buy a 12-bottle case of wine for $110 instead of buying bottles one at a time for $10 each, that is the same as earning a $10 return on a $110 investment in one month. Better than the stock market, you earn a rate of return over 100%.

Reasons to Buy in Bulk:

  1. Buying your face masks in bulk is a great frugal strategy. Buying in bulk has been proven to be a big money-saver. Casaba has great prices and deals to help you save.
  2. Convenient and Practical. This is logical if your company uses a high amount of face masks and uses them frequently as well. Each disposable mask should only be worn once; therefore, they are going to disappear fast. Save yourself some time. Don’t spend it ordering online or going to the store every time you run out of masks.
  3. Bulk-buying is great for the environment! Most bulk purchases have significantly less packaging compared to buying multiple smaller packages.
  4. Be prepared. You will handle any emergency when you have the correct number of supplies. If there happens to be another wave of cases, you are more than prepared to take on the challenge.

We make bulk purchases painless, inexpensive, and fast. Our disposable masks come in packs of up to 10,000. They are conveniently sealed in a zipper bag to provide easy storage. You can rely on Casaba to provide your employees, school faculty, and the overall community with the required safety supplies.

Bulk buying isn’t just for businesses! Large families (or even small) will benefit greatly as well. If your family stocks up on multipack bottles of shampoo, why would it be any different with face masks? Never run out of masks or worry about hurting your wallet. This is even a good idea for singles who want to save time shopping (and money, of course). When you spend your hard-earned money the correct way, buying wholesale can help decrease your spending.

From now on, face masks are a part of your everyday life. They’re our first line of defense against COVID-19. When shopping for masks, your total will come out way cheaper when you buy in bulk instead of buying a few or even just one.

We are proud to help U.S. businesses and customers with top-quality non-medical face masks, cotton face masks, coverings, bandanas, face shields, and more. Contact us for all of your customization needs!

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