Picnic Baskets

The perfect picnic basket for your favorite hiking spot, a day at the park, or an overnight camping trip, is right here at Casaba Shop.These handy insulated bags are designed to carry you from homemade sandwiches and fruit salads to silverware and water bottles - all with room for more!

It’s Picnic Time!


The sun is shining, and it’s the perfect day to sit at a park with a picnic basket. CasabaShop.com provides picnic travel bags that include water bottles, glasses, mugs, thermoses, silverware, and so much more. What more could you need?


There are so many picnic baskets to choose from but rest assured that we're going to light up your face with our prices and quality products! You can also browse our wholesale bulk lot options.


Discover These Top-Sellers:


1. Whether you're picnicking in a meadow or simply in your backyard, remembering silverware for your guests is no easy feat! That's why we designed our Picnic Wallet Travel Bag Carrying Case Set For Two Cutlery Carving Board – to supply you with 2 forks, 2 knives, 1 cheese knife, a cutting board, Green gingham napkin, and a bottle opener. So now you have no excuse but to enjoy your day without worrying about the small stuff!


2. With our Picnic Coffee Travel Bag Set For Two People Mugs Spoons Stainless Steel Thermos, the only thing you need to pack is your appetite! It not only comes with amenities like cutlery and napkins, but it also fits two mugs and a stainless-steel flask comfortably inside!


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